ACSN Scholar Langstraat publishes article on Urban mobility in greater Toronto and the Randstad

ACSN scholar Florian Langstraat, who finished his thesis 'Instruments for transition: the impact of future visions of urban mobility in Greater Toronto and the Randstad' this summer, has created much attention for his research in the Toronto Area. Langstraat, who conducted research last winter and spring, focused on a systematic evaluation of the impact of four long-term visions of urban mobility systems: Places to Grow and The Big Move in the Greater Toronto region; and Metropoolregio Amsterdam Duurzaam Bereikbaar and Masterplan Rotterdam Vooruit in the Randstad. The underlying aim was to identify factors that either foster or hinder the impact of future visions. 

The article on Langstraat's research that was published on the Canadian website Neptus can be found here.