C$10.000 Scholarship program for Dutch students

The British Columbia Scholarship Society is pleases to announce the availability of a new academic scholarship to commemorate the liberation of the Netherlands by Canadian forces 70 years ago. The Victory in Europe Scholarship will be awarded to Dutch students planning to study in a master’s or doctoral program at a British Columbia public university beginning in the 2015/16 academic year. A maximum of ten scholarships, valued at $10,000, will be awarded.
Some of the scholarships will be renewable, depending on the length of study and strength of the
application. Applicants must have achieved a minimum of a B+ academic standing, and will be asked to clearly
articulate the rationale for including a period of study in Canada as part of their academic plan. At least
one independent letter of reference attesting to their achievements will also be required. A copy of the
application for the scholarship –also available on the Society’s website at www.ikbbc.ca – can be found below.