Call ICCS: vacancy for position of treasurer/secretary

The International Council for Canada Studies (ICCS) seeks a treasurer/secretary for the ICCS.

The Nominating Committee of the International Council for Canadian Studies invites applications for the position of Treasurer/Secretary of the ICCS to be filled in May 2015, once an election has been conducted at the meeting of the Board of Directors. Under the present Constitution of the ICCS, the Treasurer/Secretary will take on the roles of Secretary and Treasurer of the ICCS. The successful candidate will serve a term of office of two years, and is eligible for reappointment for a second two-year term. The Treasurer/Secretary is a member of the Executive Committee of the ICCS and attends the Board of Directors and Annual General meetings.

The Nominating Committee is writing to all ICCS members and associate members to ask them to forward this call for applications to anyone who has a commitment to the work of the Canadian Studies community worldwide, who has demonstrated leadership skills, and who might be interested in being considered for this position. Under the current ICCS Constitution an applicant for the position must be a Director of the Board at the May 2015 meeting or a former director who served on the board during the four previous years.

Among the duties of the Treasurer/Secretary are the management of the funds and securities of the ICCS, ensuring full and accurate accounts are kept, and reporting to the President and directors at the regular meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The Treasurer/Secretary will also be responsible for ensuring that the by-laws are maintained and amended as necessary, overseeing the organization of the annual general meeting, and reporting to the Board of Directors on the work of the associations. The Treasurer/Secretary is expected to support the President in assuring the continuing development of strategic planning, representing the ICCS, maintaining and enhancing collaboration with the Canadian Studies programs and interested constituencies, and working closely with the Secretariat in Ottawa .

For more information about the International Council for Canadian Studies, interested applicants are encouraged to visit the Council’s website at or contact members of the Nominating Committee (see list below) regarding the work of the ICCS.

Candidates for the position of Secretary/Treasurer must send to the ICCS Secretariat in Ottawa an application file no later than March 31, 2015. The completed application file must include:

1. A brief statement indicating the applicant's intention to apply for the position of Treasurer/Secretary;
2. A letter stating the reasons why the applicant wishes to serve as Treasurer/Secretary;
3. A complete curriculum vitae;
4. Letters of support from at least two Presidents of full member associations of the ICCS whose terms of office are current, or from Directors representing at least two Presidents at the ICCS 2015 meeting of the Board of Directors.

Please Note: Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their complete files and the required letters of support have been received in due and proper form in the Secretariat of the ICCS in Ottawa on or before the deadline. The Chair of the Nominating Committee will notify applicants once their application file is complete.

Applications and nominations should be sent to:

Cristina Frias, Executive Director, ICCS Secretariat

Members of the 2015 Nominating Committee:

Susan Hodgett,
President-Elect of the ICCS & Chair of the Nominating Committee
University of Ulster, UK

Klaus-Dieter Ertler,
Universität Graz, Austria

Martin Howard
University College Cork, Ireland

John W. Lennox
York University, Canada