Russia and Canada: call for papers

The next RACS conference “Russia and Canada: Economics, Politics, Multiculturalism” in cooperation with the ICCS, Institute of the USA and Canada, Centre “Moscow-Québec”, Ministry for Foreign Affairs takes place at the end of September - beg, of October 2016. The issues dedicated to the Russian-Canadian cooperation in the Arctic will be included in the discussion as well.

The 2-day conference shall be held in the Conference Hall of the Institute of the USA and Canada in Moscow.


As a follow-up we can offer a trip to Saint-Petersburg to participate in a round-table discussion “Contemporary Issues of Canadian Studies”


Honorary Chairman of the Conference Committee

The Past RACS President Academic Sergei M. Rogov


RACS President- Tatyana R. Kuzmina, PhD

Moscow cell: 8 - 985- 502-4497



Please, fill out the conference form attached and send it to the contact above before March, 1, 2016. Due to the current situation - participants cover their travel expenses and accommodation themselves. The conference fee is 100 CAD. Members of the ICCS or relevant national associations do not pay the conference fee.

The conference papers shall be published in English and Russian in the RACS Canadian Studies Journal.


Other RACS 2016 events

April 2016 – Round Table Discussion “Russia and Canada: Cooperation in the Academic Sphere” in cooperation with the Canada Studies Dep? Association CERBA and the Centre “Moscow-Québec” and participation of regional RACS chapters (i.e. Kazan Chapter)

Applications shall be accepted in a written form to the above RACS address up to April, 1, 2016. The selected materials shall be published in RAC’s editions.