Virtual Canadian Studies courses summer 2015

 In the summer term 2015 the following 3 Virtual Canadian Studies (VCS) courses will take place:

·         VCS Linguistique «Les variétés du français canadien», Dr. Edith Szlezák, Regensburg.

·         VCS Didactics/Didactique "Canada in the EFL(English Foreign Language) Classroom" / «Le Canada en classe de FLE (Français langue étrangère)», Stefanie Fritzenkötter, StR’, MA, Koblenz.

·         VCS Native Studies "First Nations of Canada -- Plateau", Renate Bartl, MA, Munich.

The detailed programme and more information on registration and requirements can also be found on the GKS-Homepage

The detailed programme can also be found in the attachment.


For further information please feel free to contact Anne Metz ( ) or, for questions concerning the contents of the individual courses, the instructor of the course that you are interested in.