Welcome to the website of the Association for Canada Studies in the Netherlands!

What does ACSN do in order to promote the study of Canada in the Netherlands?

  • ACSN provides scholarships to members under the "ACSN International Student Networking Program" and the "ACSN Student Research Awards Program" to cover travel and accomodation expenses;
  • ACSN is an active member of the International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS). This membership gives ACSN members access to ICCS scholarship programs and awards
  • ACSN provides limited financial support on a matching grant basis for the organization of seminars and guest lectures;
  • ACSN keeps you informed about major Canada-related academic research and events at home and abroad.

Visit this website for the latest news, more information on the ACSN and scholarship information.


Below is a summary of the research project that Roos Schepers will undertake this fall, sponsored by an ACSN research grant: "The concept of granting legal personhood to natural entities has gained...
Below is a summary of the research project that ACSN will sponsor for Ilse van Dijk (RU Groningen): "With the support of the ACSN Student Research Award, I will be visiting Victoria BC, for three...