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Related organizations

Canadian Studies Center, Groningen

International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS)

Sister Organizations in Europe

British Association for Canadian Studies (BACS)

French Association for Canadian Studies (AFEC)

Association for Canadian Studies in the German-Speaking Countries

Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland

Central European Association for Canadian Studies

Polish Association for Canadian Studies,37.html

Centre d'Études Nord-Américaines (CENA)


Government of Canada

Government of Canada: services for non-Canadians

Government of Canada: foreign policy

Embassy of Canada to the Netherlands

Dutch embassy and consulates in Canada

Netherlands-Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Education in Canada

Studeren in Canada

Canadian Newspapers

The Globe and Mail

Le Devoir


The Atlas of Canada

Housing assistance

Housing Anywhere offers low-priced housing and sublet options to student

General Canada links

International Affairs Explained

Links on Canada (in Dutch)